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(8:38:14 PM) Techokami: so people are putting their new iPhone 6 Pluses in their pants
(8:38:21 PM) Techokami: which bends them
(8:38:27 PM) Retriever II: That is AMAZING
(8:38:55 PM) Techokami: quality product, Apple.
(8:39:10 PM) Retriever II: This can be fixed in a microwave
(8:39:27 PM) Techokami: I thought that was to charge the battery
(8:40:11 PM) Retriever II: It serves multiple purposes

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I can’t even hear what this dude’s saying but look at how ineffectually angry this bird is.

I’ve had days where I’ve wanted ti shriek like this at people too.
As a side note, I love that barn owls are used to often in art, and considered the most beautiful species, yet they make a noise like Satan’s chalkboard.

So much for owls saying hoot :U

"Are we ready, little one?"


I’ve got nothing but love for folks who call angry, screeching predators ‘little one’.

Iphone Launch

Today was the official launch of Apple’s new IPhone 6 and not everyone went home happy. Quite a few people who had ordered the new phone were unable to get their phone. Those who ordered the 6 plus will be waiting even longer, anywhere from two to four weeks.
Steven Hansen was one of the lucky few who’s phone was sent to one of the stores. Hansen was the 63rd person in Canada to order one of the new IPhones through Rogers and was the first person to leave Rogers’ Stratford location.
"I have been waiting so long for this." He said after opening the box. Henson also talked about how he liked the size and feel of the phone, it being larger and thinner than the older versions. However, he wasn’t impressed about the camera sticking out on the back of the phone.
The new IPhones come in three colours, just like the 5s. There is grey, gold and silver. The gold and silver models, like the 5s, are white with the back and parts of the front in colour. And, as before, the new IPhones come in a range of memory from 16BG-64GB plus a new larger size at 128GB.
Though the area may not have gotten very many, those who have gotten their new IPhones are happy and enjoying their new phones.

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